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My love of Arts started as a little girl, drawing pictures for neighbourhood friends to drawing portraits of loved ones. In 2012, my fondness of nature and the desire to create some new artwork, inspired me to paint. It soon developed into a passion and became a part of who I am. Painting brings meditation, reflection and a sense of euphoria when I can translate it onto canvas. Being self-taught, I continually experiment with different mediums and subject matters. Challenging my abilities further deepens my passion in the creative process and the appreciation of the skill.


Majority of my work captures the botanical elements of nature. The intricasies of every fold or crease of a petal is appreciated. While infusing the essence of its natural beauty through bright or muted colours brings a feeling of bliss or serenity in an eclectic perspective.

This process creates a sense of elation with every stroke of the brush or pallette. Feelings of tranquility and pureness that are observed from the majority of my subjects is evident in the final work.