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My love of Arts started as a little girl, endlessly drawing pictures of people and animals. As a first generation immigrant I could not pursue art as a career. But continued creating through drawings and poetry. In 2012, a desire to create something new and experiment with different mediums, inspired me to paint. It soon developed into a passion that has allowed me 'my time' for expression. Painting brings meditation, reflection and a sense of euphoria when I can translate an emotion or vision onto canvas. Being self-taught, I continually experiment with different mediums and subject matters. Challenging my abilities further deepens my passion in the creative process and the appreciation of the skill.


My process starts with a meditation to calm the mind and loosen the body. As the music starts it brings an energy that partially influences my colours and application. Painting is an intuitive practice and it is greatly influenced by my emotions, desires, dreams and memories. 

With every brushstroke or markings or drips, I want to express my conscious and subconscious while allowing the audience to see a non-subjective view.

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