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2020 was an unprecedented and an unforgettable year globally. Having to learn to live within a bubble. Apart from our family and friends. Celebrating milestones within the confines of our homes and intimate circle. There was a glimpse of hope when things seem to be better. To only retreat to our old social habits...

This series is a personal reflection of the internal struggles experienced during the first wave of the pandemic.

Through meditation I reflected on what I truly valued the most in this unpredictable and fragile life. The relationships that were taken for granted and learning to let go of unnecessary strife. In hopes to live and grow into a future that is passionate, rich in love, in hope for a brighter future. Re-evaluating my purpose in this life. As Wife and lover, as a mother, a sister, daughter and friend. Finding forgiveness within myself and to myself. Taking the time to be aware of all of the abundances in this life. Through nature, through every breathe I took, & appreciating our existence on earth with those whom we love.

This is my definition of "Golden Hope"

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